So you want a "329" Hawaii State Medical Cannabis License?

So you want a "329" Hawaii State Medical Cannabis License?
 Until the doctor certifies your registration, simply filling out the online registration will NOT result in a certified valid card. All patients still must be seen in the office in a legitimate medical setting.  
 Be careful and read everything carefully while using the state's DOH online registration system. I am returning way too many online applications back to the owner's account, so that they can be fixed.  I don't have the time to keep doing this courtesy. These errors are very simply a result of people not reading or following the instructions or paying attention to the details of the online process. They may seem trite, small, and silly, but they will keep the DOH from issuing your license. Fix them now, or fix them later after getting emails from the DOH to do so, but they must be fixed if you want your license from the DOH. See below for the most common errors being made by many people. The biggest problems people have are putting their correct middle name from their ID/DL/passport (which must match) and uploading the image files.
 The applications ping pong back and forth in a data queue until completed correctly. Until I submit it, your application DOES NOT go to the DOH. Once I send them to the DOH, I have no access to your application. The DOH will then email you for any further modifications and corrections. MAKE SURE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS AND PHONE NUMBER ARE CORRECT.  The cards are taking about 2 to 4 weeks, even with the new online method. A few have been issued within a week, so far, so it appears that the DOH is working faster. If there are errors, the DOH will contact you and the period of waiting is increased. You can re-apply no sooner than two months before your expiration date, which is ALWAYS the last day of the month. 
 New patients, please take note:   You must be seen in the office to establish a physician-patient relationship. Completing this state online registration application does NOT establish that legal relationship. Once you establish that legal relationship, then we will answer your questions. Too many people are going elsewhere for this care, and then calling me up asking for medical advice, since their own docs do not know much about medical cannabis, pain, or the application process. You can see that I spend a fair amount of time and effort doing this, and keeping up to date. I do this to help people in our practice, not to take the burden off any other docs to be responsible and knowledgeable. 
 Here are the basic steps:
  1. You must have a qualifying condition.
  2. Pre-screening with Doctor Barton is highly recommeneded.  
  3. When contacting me: Please read before calling or writing me.
  4. Get out your driver's license/ID/ or passport, and see what name is used. Now make sure you use that name on your government issued ID exactly on your application, mainly meaning the same middle name, whether full, an initial, or blank.
  5. You set up a State of Hawaii electronic account to get a username and password.
  6. You take that username and password and fill out the online application at the DOH MJ License registration portal.
  7. You upload all the documents requested during that online registration process. (This requires downloading and completing the certificates required, scanning them, and uploading them using the online registration portal. Most people just need to scan or photograph your govt issued ID, and then upload the image file to the state. If possible, it is optional but best to use an image format, like .jpg or .gif for your ID, and PDF format for the certificates that apply to your situation. It also helps to put both pages of the certificates in the same file. THIS IS DONE FROM HOME)
  8. You finish your online registration and pay the state fee online.
  9. You come to the office as detailed on this website.  Your online application, once completed, is NOT at the DOH. It sits in a data queue, until I authorize the certification and it is electronically sent it to the DOH. (If the interview is not completed, then you will not get your license, and you will not be legal)
  10. For the most current office Clinic Hours and Costs: Preparing for your office visit.
  11. The Dept of Health will mail you the license directly to your mailing address. We are no longer in between your card and the DOH, hence, we will no longer check on the whereabouts of cards, once I electronically approve it. 
  12. Any further card changes or modifications must be made directly with the Dept of Health.