When contacting us; Clinic Contact Info


Please, read my entire website before calling, texting or writing. I spend a lot of time trying to make things easier for patients. After reading my website, if something is not clear, please let me know how I can improve it.


Please read this entire page before calling any of our numbers or contacting us.


Pre-office Screening:


When contacting us and Pre-office screening, I want to know your:

1. Age (mandatory)

2. Island of residence

3. Diagnosis: this is the medical condition, not the symptoms.

4. Reason for a Blue Card; Why do you want to use cannabis as a medicine? For what symptoms that are legal?



  • I prefer that those who wish to be Pre-office screened, do so by text or email, sending me ALL the above information. Young people tend to not want to tell me their age. Anyone under the age of 21 requires a parent to come with them, or will need the written permission of both parents, as is feasible. (This is my office policy or rule, not the law.)
  • If you come to the clinic without being screened, I make no guarantee that your office fee will be returned to you if I determine that you do not meet the legal criteria.
  • I do not need for you to write a book about your story. It is easy to tell if one will qualify by the above answers.
  • I do not assume everyone lives on Oahu.
  • I really do not need to know if you had a card in any other state. Cards from other states are NOT medical information.
  • If you have previously had a Hawaii Cannabis Card, please tell me by whom and for what reason at that time.
  • I am more interested in your past use, if it was effective, how effective, and if there were any adverse consequences?
  • I only want legitimate patients with real diseases, disability, and suffering. I am not here to legalize "recreational" use or to provide cover for "black market grows".
  • Veterans with service connected/combat connected injuries, pain, PTSD, and disability do not need to prescreen.
  • Malignant cancer, documented glaucoma, HIV, seizure disorders, rheumatologic conditions do not need to prescreen, but I do appreciate the information when sent to me by email.
  • Sleep disorders, anxiety and all other psych conditions do not legally qualify in Hawaii.
  • Those with active cannabis-related criminal legal issues should inform me of such beforehand.
  • I have a smart phone which I use, but I don't carry it around and look at it all the time. It is on silent most of the time. It does no good to rapid fire call or text me. 
  • Please make contact during the daytime hours. You can text me, but do not expect any responses in the evening or night.
  • Please do not call or contact us while or if you are "under the influence"
  • If you are trying to get your card for an anxiety, mood, or any psychological condition under the chronic pain condition, I do understand that these conditions are distressing, but Hawaiian Law does not allow for it, and the legislature refuses to add them to the qualifying diagnoses list.


Information Number: (808) 321-3793

The above number is for information only. It is not a scheduling line and is not monitored, nor is its voice mailbox monitored.  It is a land line so one cannot text to it.  My personal information is given by auto-responder mail, if you provide your contact information on the Home Page.