Frequently Asked Questions Pain relief from medical marijuana is real and available for many ailments. See the Testimonials of those who have experience the relief of medical marijuana. Curious about the Legality of Medical Marijuana? We have the facts you need. ANY INFORMATION STATED ON THE INDEX OR FRONT PAGE OF THIS WEBSITE TAKES PRECEDENCE.

How do I set up an appointment?

Our Oahu Clinics are based on a first come first serve method. Contact me for non-Oahu interest. Visit our Hawaii Marijuana Certificate home page, and fill out the form. You will receive an auto-responder letter with instructions.  Let me know if you would like us to call you.  Otherwise, we will respect your privacy.  Email can work a lot faster. To do so, just register on the homepage, and the email address for contact will be given to you.


Do I have to be a resident of Hawaii to get a "BLUE CARD"?

YES! You HAVE TO be a resident of Hawaii to participate in this program. I get many calls from mainland people who ask me how they can get a temporary prescription for medical cannabis to use while they vacation here. As of yet, there is no mechanism for "out of state" residents to get a BLUE CARD unless they are eligible for and can get an Hawaiian ID, which requires an Hawaiian address. There are no prescriptions for medical cannabis in Hawaii. The legislature is not considering any temporary licenses at this time to be granted to those who hold an official state license from another state.


Do I need to be referred by another physician?


No. We can evaluate anyone who feels that they may benefit from Medical Marijuana.



Do I have to pay the fee if I do not receive AUTHORIZATION?


No, your fee will be returned if you do not meet the requirements of the law.  You will receive an honest appraisal of your condition, from a physician board certified in Pain and Palliative Care medicine.  I can pre-screen many patients when the appointment is being made or by email.


Will my name be on any federal list if I get a medical marijuana LICENSE?


Absolutely not! We consider your privacy to be the utmost importance. We follow HIPAA guidelines to ensure patient privacy.  The state is required by the same standards to guard against inappropriate or unauthorized divulsion of medical information.  The state receives only the most basic information about your condition.


Do you accept insurance?

Sorry.  Insurances will not pay for the medical evaluation or recommendation.  Watch out for scams by paramedical people who will offset fees or give you differential pricing by getting your medical insurance information. Also, there are groups, such as have existed in Waikiki, who set up fake clinics and then leave after a few months of operation with your money and no hope of a "Blue Card".  NED has also established guidelines against virtual offices, rented hotel rooms, hotel executive suites, and mobile offices.

Can you tell me the process of getting a LICENSE (Hawaii State Blue Card)?


When you arrive at our office you will be asked to fill out a medical history form, along with some other documents and disclosures. You must provide a valid Hawaii state-issued ID, US passport, or Hawaii Driver’s License prior to your evaluation. You will then meet with Dr. Barton who will evaluate you for the recommendation. If you qualify under the laws of Hawaii, Dr. Barton will complete the physician's portion of the application.  The application is completed and sent to the state offices in Honolulu.  The application, processed by the NED in Honolulu,  is currently taking about 4-6 weeks after your doctor visit to receive your Blue Card. Unless you want to pick it up, we will mail it to you at the mailing address written on your application form.  The effective period of the Blue Card is from the end of the month in which it was finally processed and lasts for one year.


What medical documentation should I bring?


It is important for you to bring any medical documentation (from previous physician visits, ER visits, chiropractor visits, etc.) that supports your diagnosis. This includes: recent medical records, prescriptions, physician’s letter, chiropractor’s letter, x-rays, MRI’s or any other documentation that you think can help.  We don't need a lot, so no books please.  Also, we don't want you to waste time or money on documentation that is not needed.


Do you accept people on probation?


No, we do not issue recommendations to people on probation, unless your PO gives you permission.  I am willing to support you by writing a small letter to your PO if needed.


How can I obtain my medical records?

Call your physician or the hospital where you were treated and tell them you want copies of your medical records. They will tell you the process and typically have you sign an authorization to fax to them.  Usually, nowadays, it is just best to get them yourself and bring them to the office at the time of your appointment.  I have to say that one in ten people are able to get their medical records sent to our office.  Bottom line: Go get 1-3 pages of documentation yourself, or have your doctor's office write a short summary of your conditions and diagnoses.

What happens if I have never seen a physician but I know medical marijuana will help my condition?

This is fairly common, to have people self treat and self medicate for long periods of time, simply because it is so effective and safe. It has to do with medical therapy attitudes, cultural differences, and access to healthcare. You can still be evaluated.  It may require more time and effort to meet the standards of care requirements, but things are manageable. Pain medicine documentation standards many times involves the use of narrative which means that the sensibility of the entire story can be an effective documentation tool.

What happens if I've lost or cannot retrieve my records or documentation?

You can still be evaluated.  Depending on the narrative, the application may need to be held until further medical standards are met.  You will receive an honest opinion.

Do I have to be 18?

Yes and NO. You must be at least 18 to be an adult patient.  Minors must be accompanied by their parents or legal guardian.  It is best to have both parents in agreement for this line of medical therapy, when considering the circumstances of a minor. I STRONGLY recommend that both parents be present for the evaluation, no matter the marital or legal guardian status. Also, I recommend that prior discussions be made between parents as to how monitor the use of medical cannabis and how to evaluate for any misuse or diversion. Lastly, an agreement needs to be written down pertaining to the circumstances in which this privilege will be removed.

What exactly do I get if I receive a HAWAII STATE LICENSE?

You will be granted the right to grow seven marijuana plants, with three mature plants at any one time. You will be allowed the right to possess up to 3 ounces of dry material.  The Blue Card does NOT give you the right to overgrow or over possess.

How long will the LICENSE last?

Recommendations are for one year. We advise you to make an appointment before the expiration date so that you can be re-evaluated and obtain a renewal of your physician recommendation.  With the new temporary letters being sent out, I would recommend you apply for your card 6 weeks in advance of your expiration date.

Is medical Marijuana only for people with AIDS, Cancer or Glaucoma?

You don't have to be going blind from Glaucoma, or dying from AIDS or Cancer to receive compassion. If you suffer from a chronic or persistent medical disorder that either substantially limits the ability to conduct one or more major life activities or which, if not alleviated, may cause serious harm to your safety or physical health, you may qualify for medical marijuana. Examples include chronic back/neck pain, severe menstrual cramps or pelvic pain,  fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, spastic colitis, and a chronic pain disorder, including the effects of war.

Do I need to have a State Issued Medical Marijuana "Blue Card" to use, possess and grow medical marijuana.

YES.  And you must stay at or under the state approved limits to keep your card valid, receive all legal protections, and not be subject to card revocation and being banned from the program for the rest of your life.  DO NOT OVERGROW OR OVER-POSSESS, PLEASE!!

What else should I bring?

We require a valid form of identification with your picture, such as your drivers license, Hawaii State Identification Card or Passport.

If I become a medical marijuana patient, where do I obtain medical marijuana?

We cannot help you purchase medical marijuana nor recommend any place similar to  a dispensary, collective or cooperative, which do NOT LEGALLY EXIST in Hawaii. There are numerous organizations and websites that will help you locate dispensaries in other states, coops and collectives.  Medical offices are expressly forbidden to discuss the procurement of any cannabis, seeds, or clones.  If your doctor or office does do this, understand that they are putting their own licenses in danger of discipline and perhaps, even your "Blue Card".   Sorry. You do not need to take this risk so that some provider MD can get a another fee collected at your expense.