Please Follow Application Directions Carefully

PLEASE NOTE: Urgent: The majority of patients are finding that the state's new process for obtaining a medical cannabis card is a bit overwhelming, and too many errors are being made.  The system does not allow us to fix any of your errors. I am NOT able to edit your online forms. I am returning too many applications due to errors and deficiencies, which is NOT sustainable because of the time requirements.  Going forward, I can no longer respond to all the emails and texts asking how to fill out the online registration.  You may be subject to the higher fee schedules as posted under fees, if there are errors and deficiencies. All I can say is follow the directions. Please follow the directions on this site as well as the Dept. of Health's website.


I have reposted the DOH guidelines, added clarifcations, and outlined the most common errors being made through this link:   My medical license number is found here:(