Fees: As of December 1, 2015

Our fees continue to remain as low as possible, and were reduced in 2010. As of November 1st, 2014, we had to increase our fees back to the 2010 level. Since the state's new online system will allow us to decrease our costs of doing business, we will pass those savings onto you.


After doing your online work from home, bring your documents to your doctor's office visit. I don't need to see your state application or receipts as it is online for me to see in my queue. If it is not in my queue, I can't cetify it.

OFFICE FEES: (Online applications have no errors or deficiencies)

  1. New Patients with pre-screening clearance, and who apply online at home: $175
  2. Renewals who apply from home:$150

Those who wish to have the office perform the application work online from our office. This includes applications with errors or deficiences: 

You may inquire if the office staff is able to help, but we make no guarantee, unless you make arrangements with us prior to coming to the office.  The following fees will be collected 

  1. The office fee for having the staff do the entire applcation is $250. This requires making the state accounts, with username and passwords, filling in the multiple online pages, printing, scanning, and making the appropriate files to be uploaded, and uploading them, followed by the submission of your credit card information to pay the state. 
  2. The office fee for applications that require assistance to print, scan and upload the government issued ID/DL/Passport and certificates is $225.
  3. The office fee for uploading your government issued ID file only is $200.
  4. I will be blunt: My goal is for everyone to do the online process at home, pay only the renewal office fee of $150, and not depend on the office staff, since it is so disruptive to the flow of the clinic. In addition, I can no longer respond to all the emails and texts asking how to fill out the online registration. 


Things to Keep in Mind


  • You do not need any intermediate services, promising to "facilitate" the acquisition of your card.  Plus, if used, be careful of the additional costs to you, if they ask for your insurance information. Insurances do not pay for a medical cannabis card.

  • I would avoid at all costs those physicians who are "evaluating" patients in hotel rooms or other non-medical places, like a car in a parking lot, parks, parties, and their private homes without any chaperones.

  • I would avoid those doing group cards, without one on one evaluations that establish a true medical relationship. 
  • I would also avoid those providers who come to the Islands for day clinics from other states, once a month or every few months.
  •  You must have a relationship with the signing doctor. If you do not recognize the Doctor who signs your card, you do not have a relationship with that person, and the Department of Health will not tolerate it. The law and rules are extremely clear about such. .

  • If you are a legitimate patient, there are plenty of Hawaii based physicians to care for your needs on all the islands. It does not take much work to find a provider based here, and to do it right.
  • You must be evaluated by a Narcotics Enforcement Division licensed physician, and all legitimate medical doctors will be able to show you their NED certificate.
  • The scams that I have seen here on Oahu usually are located in facilities that are clearly not medical offices. It would be wise to stay away from those providers who see patients in groups in private homes, hotel rooms, or executive offices, if you want to guarantee that your card will be valid for the entire year.
  • The state regulations are clear that it must be done within the settings of a legitimate medical encounter with the development of a true doctor patient relationship. Some physicians may do otherwise but you do not have to take that risk. Make sure that the program stays legitimate for the benefit of those who truly are in need.
  • I have heard from a few patients that one provider in Honolulu is promising that he can get the cards to them in 24 hours. I don't know what he is giving them but it is NOT valid.  Only the Dept of Health can issue any licenses, and they are currently taking around 3 to 8 weeks. Make sure there are no errors on your application package, and your card will arrive faster.
  • You are NOT LEGAL until you take possession of the Medical Cannabis card, issued by the State of Hawaii. Some MDs feel that the DOH has gone beyond the limits of the law, which says that one must have a physician's certificate, in order to possess cannabis. Until the issue is cleared up by the courts, just make sure to get your card in hand.