Visitors/Out of Town Guests

Tourists/ Visitors/ Out of State Guests: In the past, one had to be a Hawaiian resident to get a "Blue Card" / Hawaii State MJ license. This has changed and now OUT OF STATE patients can get temporary state cards.  see:






Electronic Access to 329 Cards Available Now



The Hawai‘i Department of Health launched a new enhancement to the online medical cannabis registration system today to: 1) give qualified out-of-state patients the opportunity to register in Hawaii, and 2) to provide electronic access to 329 cards to make the registration process quicker and more flexible for both in-state and out-of-state patients.


Both in-state and out-of-state patients whose applications have been approved today, March 5, 2019 and afterwards, will  have online access to their 329 cards to save to their mobile devices and/or print a hard copy to keep. The electronic cards will be available in the patient's online portal for the duration of the card’s validity and can be accessed 24/7 as a back-up in the event that a patient’s saved or printed copy of their electronic card is lost, stolen, or damaged. This will eliminate the need for in-state patients to apply for replacement cards.  


For in-state patients, the electronic registration card is the basically the same as a hard copy 329 registration card, but eliminates the wait time to receive a hard copy 329 card in the mail. Once an application has been approved by the Registry, patients will receive an email notification and they will then log into their account at to access their 329 card electronically. An email reminder will continue to be sent when it is time for patients to renew their registration. Here is the video tutorial for in-state patients.


Out-of-state patients may now apply for a Hawaii 329 registration card which provides protections under Hawai‘i state law and permits purchases of medical cannabis from licensed local retail dispensaries while they are visiting Hawaii. Here is the video tutorial for out-of-state patients.




Please Be Advised...


All electronic 329 cards contain a name, date of birth, expiration date, and a unique patient registration number. A valid government-issued identification card paired with the 329 registration card will permit law enforcement officials or dispensaries to validate your registration. 


All patients & caregivers are required to present their valid electronic or hard copy 329 card and government-issued identification card to law enforcement upon request,  and for entry into a dispensary, and whenever in possession of medical cannabis. Not having WiFi or data to access one's 329 card is no excuse. 


If a patient has a caregiver, it is the patient's responsibility to send an electronic or printed copy of the 329 card to their caregiver. 


Both in-state and out-of-state patients are permitted to purchase up to four ounces of medical cannabis during a period of 15 consecutive days and no more than eight ounces during a 30 consecutive day period.  No patient can legally possess more than 4 ounces of usable medical cannabis at any given time. Unlike registered in-state patients, out-of-state patients are not allowed to grow or cultivate medical cannabis.



It is every patient's and caregiver's responsibility to comply with Hawai'i state laws and rules. Ignorance of the law is not a valid defense. 




  • TOURISTS: Do not call me or message me asking me to make any connections for "medicine" for you. It is illegal, and puts my DEA licensures at risk. 

  • There is nothing I or any other MD can do to help you be legal while visiting our state.  You must deal directly only with the DOH.

  • We are not a dispensary, nor do we make any connections!

  • There are no doctor recommendations in Hawaii like there are in California.  

  • Also, I tend not to answer calls from non-808 area codes, unless you are on my contact list in my directory, AS MY PHONE NUMBER EXISTS ON THE INTERNET ON OTHER SITES. Otherwise, just email me, or text me.

  • The number (808) 321-3793 is for information only. It is no longer a scheduling line and is not monitored.

  • Since the scheduling line is on answering mode, you will need to call me on my personal line to talk personally.

  • Just fill out the registration fields on the Home Page, and an auto-responder letter will include instructions in how to call my cell number.

  • It is best to call me between 1:00 p.m.  and 5:00 p.m. except Wednesdays.

  • If I am unable to answer, leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible in order to get you pre-screened.

  • If you call my cell phone at three in the morning, (and it does happen) THEN I will only think that you are using the medicine inappropriately and question your use of it.