Changes to Application Process

  The application process of the DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH (DOH) has changed completely as of December 2015. In the past, one reason physicians avoided becoming involved with the program was the huge application burden placed on the medical staff offices. Now, the DOH seems to have made this registration process much harder, and it does require some internet and computer expertice.  If you are having trouble with the new system, please find someone to help you. Our office can help with small issues only.  I do not see how any sane doctor would want to become involved if they did not believe in the use of cannabis as a medicine.

  The online registration does cut down on multiple points of US Postal Service mailings (and expense) that delay and add several weeks to the issuance of cards.  It decreases the delay of returned paper applications due to errors, as well! However, this new method does require a significant amount of time and effort on your part, and still has not resulted in the timely issuance of cards. Three weeks is still too long for cancer patients. The application errors are still being made, but sooner in the process. It is the patient's responsibility to not make errors. We are hoping that this will change. Ultimately, the registration process is between the DOH and the patient. Please review the following link: 

It is all online and there are no more paper applications. There are no more money orders to the state. You will need to do the online portion from home (see below) before coming to the office to be certified. All patients still need to be seen in the office for the medical visit in order to receive the certifiction and my signature on your state application, as required by the law.  The NEW DOH process requires that the physician "sign" the online certification form using a digital signature. We still have our own medical forms and consents that need to be signed every year. The cards are mailed directly to the patient's mailing address by the DOH. We have reduced the office renewal fee to $150 for all patients successfully using the new process from home without our assistance. 

Applying online requires a significant amount of time and effort on your part. If you arrive at the office not having completed it, expecting the office staff to do it for you, then there is a very good chance that you will not be able to be seen, and will need to return once it is completed at home. It is just too disruptive to the clinic. This is especially true if you made no effort.

You may inquire if the office staff is able to help, but we make no guarantee.  The following fees will be collected 

The office fee for having the staff do the entire applcation is $250. This requires making the state accounts, with username and passwords, filling in the multiple online pages, printing, scanning, and making the appropriate files to be uploaded, and uploading them, followed by the submission of your credit card information to pay the state. 

The office fee for applications that require assistance to print, scan and upload the government issued ID/DL/Passport and cetificates is $225.

The office fee for uploading your ID file only is $200.


I will be blunt: My goal is for everyone to do the online process at home, pay only the office renewal fee of $150, and not depend on the office staff. I can no longer respond to all the emails and texts asking how to fill out the online registration.