Be Politically Active!

Be Politically Active!

Please be politically active! The medical use of cannabis is recognized by Hawaiian state law, thus invalidating the DEA schedule one status. Rescheduling is a high priority, and needed to protect any Hawaiian Dispensary System.


“Call For Action”


If you are not receiving my political "call for action" email letters, starting near the first of every year, write me after signing up by the contact form/fields on the home page.  


Protect Patients’ Rights


  • We will continue to protect patients' rights in all areas.

  • We will especially insist on the right to use all aspects of the safe, contaminant free cannabis plant for medical purposes.

  • We insist on safe access for patients through a dispensary system, free from DEA or federal/ law enforcement interference.

  • We support the addition of more diagnoses that are recognized by law.


Violation of Civil Rights


We continue to work with the ACLU to preserve and progress the rights of all Hawaiians within the confines of the laws written and passed by the Hawaii State Legislature. The ACLU has been involved in all these issues, and, most recently, even preserved the traditional rights of physicians to visit and care for those homebound patients who use cannabis for their chronic symptoms and disabilities. We all need to appreciate and thank them for their hard work.  You can do this by visitingACLU's Facebook page.


See news section for more commentary.


Searches without Warrants


The ACLU is interested in any case where your civil rights have been violated, such as searches without Warrants. I have and am currently involved with the ACLU on several issues of importance to the medical cannabis program and civil rights. The truth is that the current US administration has unleashed the Federal Prosecutors, who are out to destroy all of the Medical Cannabis programs in all the Legal States. Things are not getting better.  They are getting worse!  


Take Political Action


You must become politically active and lend your voice if you hope to preserve the program. You can write anyone of importance politically online which is very easy to do (and I do assume that they will read this). In Hawaii, as of July 2013, we won some small victories in the legislature. They gave us a few bones this year, and I will be happy with them, for about as long as my dog is happy with her bones.


Must Satisfy Legal Requirements for Hawaii License


In Hawaii, the medical decision to issue a "Blue Card" is being dominated by the political and legal realities of the day.  With this in mind, if you call me up and I tell you I can NOT help you, don't get upset and call me names. Just go somewhere else!  It is not because you are not helped by the use of medical cannabis for your condition.  It is because you have not done your part to satisfy the tenets of the law and the current political realities.  Remember, you are NOT in California, Washington State, or Colorado!  Hawaii and her judges do not care whether you have cards from any of the legal states. All of my patients are legitimate and we work very hard to keep it that way. I am extremely involved politically with the program at the State level, and I want to see its existence preserved for my Chronic Pain patients.  I need this integrity in order to fight for the cause at the state level. If you are unhappy at my decision, you are free to find and consult with any other physician in the state, and on any other island. I am not the final word. I just will not fight for you or spend my resources legitimizing your case.


Purpose to Provide Aid to Hawaiian Chronic Pain Sufferers

Our fees are set low to aid Native Hawaiians, THROUGH MALAMA FIRST, not to make a living out of this business. I do not support myself by this business. Anyone can come to see us, but I am not going to spend my time fighting for young people wanting to use it for recreational purposes. That is the bottom line. I am here to protect legitimate chronic pain patients.  The political realities are that if you are under the age of thirty, you better be able to defend it as if you were before a judge, because it just may turn out that way, and I have the experiences of that situation to prove it. Hawaii is a small state.  Every State Judge knows what is going on, and you can be sure that law enforcement has told them that there is widespread abuse and fraud by thousands of young people (whether true or not)! These same local law enforcement agencies along with the state have published propaganda (which I will make available to anyone)  claiming that "medical cannabis is not a medicine.  It is an addiction."  Only the truth can counteract and prevail over such gibberish. You better make sure your doctor  has the legitimacy and medical expertise to back up your claims.