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We have ONE location on Oahu: in Waimanalo, at the Native Hawaiian Village of Pu'uhonua O Waimanalo. This is a private village and we are honored to be guests at this beautiful location, which is a 50 acre Native Hawaiian Model Agricultural Village. It has been featured in film and TV, used a background in the movie "Aloha", and the Hawaii Five-0 TV series. The Village is a place of peace and spirit. And there are no guards, or such with AK47s, as depicted in the recent Hawaii Five-0 episode. 

We are available for "MedCan "329" Cards" and patient issues during medical card hours only, which are every Wednesday afternoon from 12:30 to 4:00 PM and Saturday mornings from 9:00  AM to 10:30 AM. The gate will close 30 minutes prior to closing time, so we can be done on time.  We do not see patients for Medical Cannabis Cards at any other times during the week and we are not available for patients at other times. People are seen on a first come first serve basis only, and we do NOT set appointments. If it is too much to travel to this location due to health reasons or access issues, please call as we may be able to do a Telehealth "house call". We are two miles uphill and mauka, inland, from the highway and the nearest bus stop, so please find a ride if you do not have a car.


(DO NOT USE GOOGLE MAPS ON YOUR PHONE TO LOCATE THE OFFICE,  AS IT WILL SEND YOU FAR AWAY TO THE POLO FIELDS. The app SCOUT for both iPhone and Android has been recommended to us as reliable.)

Pain Clinic

PU'UHONUA VILLAGE 41-1300 Waikupanaha Street, Waimanalo, Oahu, Hawaii 96795

(SCROLL DOWN TO BOTTOM OF PAGE FOR A MAP IMAGE OF WAIMANALO CLINIC LOCATION) Easy access from Leeward Oahu and even from downtown Honolulu, come visit us in the village for a peaceful and serene day with million dollar views of the mountains and ocean. Drive slowly through the village with children at play. Directions: in Waimanalo, two blocks west (towards Kaneohe) of "Jack in the Box", turn mauka left(from the east) or right( from the west approach) on Kumuhau Street. at the large bent over tree. (Well, the tree finally fell all the way over and uprooted, so they cut it down and took it way. Now it is filled with vegetation.) 

Go inland towards mountains all the way to the "T", then turn right on Waikupanaha St. See the DEAD END signs. Proceed to the very end of Waikupanaha St., curving around with the road to the very end cul-de-sac. You will see a gate at 41-1300 with large "Nation State of Hawaii" sign. Welcome to the village! Drive slowly up the hill through the village to clinic office at the top. You can't go any further without heading into the mountain. Enjoy the peace of the village and the view!

MAP to the Waimanalo Pu'uhonua Office: Instructions to the office are above, make sure to turn inland as one reaches Waimanalo from Kailua side at Kumuhau Road, again straight back to Waikupanaha St, and always turn right onto that road, towards Olomana Mountain (towards North Shore), and go to the very end, the dead end and you will see Dead End signs.  DO NOT USE YOUR PHONE GPS SYSTEM, ANDROID OR GOOGLE MAPS, as they will take you to a place far away.

Oahu Pain Clinic