Relief For Those With Fibromyalgia

Marijuana FibromyalgiaThere are up to 12 million people in the US alone that suffer from and try to live with fibromyalgia every day.  The pain they go through can vary from joint muscle pain, to trouble sleeping or staying asleep, to leg cramps to migraine headaches, to muscle spasms, to anxiety, and more.

With all the pain that is related with fibromyalgia, people and doctors and sufferers are constantly looking for a way to relieve the pain, even to some degree.  By definition fibromyalgia is a wasting disease that causing chronic pain affecting muscle and soft tissue.  While some cases can be eased by a change in lifestyle or learning how to deal with stress better, and yet there are more times where medication is necessary.

Marijuana is one such solution to the constant pain and of fibromyalgia.  While there are around 60 different parts that make up marijuana, the most effective part is THC.  There are some man-made drugs that try to copy the effects it has for fibromyalgia patients but the artificial drugs only use the THC instead of the multiple ones found in the real marijuana.

Marijuana helps fibromyalgia sufferers by relieving:

  • Muscle pain
  • Depression
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Nausea
  • Anxiety
  • Stiffness

Marijuana as a whole, and not just the THC, comes together to produce effective relief of symptoms and side effects of fibromyalgia.   Also, fibromyalgia patients are sensitive to most of the treatments available, and those who take marijuana don’t have that sensitivity to it.

There are those in the medical profession that believe that the man-made pills are better and less addicting but their patients are stopped by the cost.  Nabilone costs up to $4,000 a year or about $20 for each 1mg tablet.

When you stop to think about whether or not marijuana is the answer, remember and think about a few things:

  • Is the pain worth not having marijuana?
  • Are you looking for relief or seeking to reward a bad, addicting habit?
  • What are your true intentions in looking into marijuana?
  • How much pain can you tough it out on your own?
  • Any prescription medication can be seen as a “drug” if misused.