A Real Solution To Cachexia Or Wasting Diseases

Cachexia TreatmentMany have not heard of the term 'cachexia' or fully realize its effect on the human body. Unfortunately there are those who know all too well. Cachexia is a common result of many chronic progressive diseases such as HIV, anorexia, and cancer. When faced with the problem of losing more weight than you can afford to lose, decisions must be made. With cachexia, you not only face the loss of weight but also the loss of fat, muscle, and strength. As cachexia begins to affect your body, loss of appetite and a disproportionate loss of lean body tissue are the more apparent symptoms. Some remedies to cachexia do not help to add anything more than fat, such as feeding tubes. Muscle and lean tissue are little harder to replace and also more essential to regain or maintain. Part of the solution to cachexia that cannot be gained from a feeding tube, is the actual reduction of nausea and vomiting that is inhibiting the amount of food being eaten and used by the body. In order to fully stimulate the appetite, as a more effective kick-start to increased body weight, medical marijuana encourages food intake instead of forcing nutrients into the body through a tube. Medical marijuana safely allows patients suffering from cachexia to eat food and keep it down as well as helping with fluid retention. When qualifying for a medical marijuana card, cachexia is often listed as a qualifying condition. This enables those who need it to be provided with a "low risk" medicine to enhance the appeal of food and increase the frequency of naturally eating. The most frequent side effect is euphoric mood changes and are typically mild. When weighing your options between effectiveness and side effects, medical marijuana is able to provide the best solution to your needs.