No Hawaii Dispensaries

No Hawaii Dispensaries

  • There are no marijuana dispensaries in Hawaii.

  • It is ILLEGAL for physicians in Hawaii to enable the procurement of Medical Cannabis.

  • Since I maintain US Federal DEA licenses, please do not ask me or my staff about how to get Medical Cannabis.  

  • We are NOT a dispensary.

  • The sale of marijuana is illegal in Hawaii under all circumstances.

  • The role of the physician in Hawaii is to establish a true doctor-patient relationship that may lead to documenting for the state application that you have a disabling medical condition that is accepted by law, as established by the Hawaii State Legislature.

  • This leads to the issuance of a State Medical Cannabis License, or "BLUE CARD", by the Department of Health, which currently takes about one month.

  • Unlike many other states, the physician can't issue any documents that provide legal protection.