Easing The Pain Of HIV/AIDS

HIV AIDSFor some it all started with a flu, at least that's what you thought it was.  Yet for most there was no 'warning sign' symptoms.  In time, for all infected by HIV, you fall victim to that infection that you just can't get rid of that logically should be easy to cure.  Hopefully, that prompted testing to make sure you don't have HIV.  With the knowledge that you have been infected there was a choice: treatment or not.

When it comes to HIV and AIDS, pain is an integral fact of life that overwhelms everything else.  The first course of treatment is antiretroviral therapy to slow down the HIV from multiplying.  As a result of this therapy, many suffer from excruciating pain in their nerve endings where the nerves send excess pain signals to the brain.

Other symptoms and problems that come from AIDS are nausea, vomiting and corresponding weight loss, aches, painful numbness, anxiety, and depression.  One medication that can start taking away the pain and give HIV patients their lives back is medical marijuana.  The chemicals/ingredients in marijuana serve as a broad source of relief.  

One of the main reasons that marijuana is a good choice for HIV patients is that inhaled marijuana doesn’t interfere with the effectiveness of the protease inhibitors, a type of medication used to treat or prevent infection by HIV. Studies show that marijuana can offer safe and successful relief.


Although there is the potential for harmful effects by smoking marijuana, the risk is outweighed by the benefits that come from it. There is always the possibility of negative effects in any medication, prescription, or drug taken.  Should this stop you from seeking relief? If so, maybe Tylenol or Advil isn't the answer to relieve a headache because there might be side effects.  

Don't completely plunge into the unknown and hope it all works out.  Instead, approach medical marijuana as a medical means to a very positive end, where pain does not rule your life.  Marijuana is highly effective but not to be taken for granted.