How to Get Your 329 Medical Cannabis Card

Please plan your visits and renewals accordingly. Patients may reapply up to 60 days in advance of their expiration dates, which is always the last day of the month. Hawaii State Cannabis licenses are currently taking about 2 to 4 weeks to be issued by the state.

My medical license number (Dr David Barton) is found here:( (if the system does not take the information or you get an error message, clear your browser's cache and reboot the browser.)

The process is the very same every year; for new patients and renewals. There is no difference.


To Prescreen:


This is how one gets a card:


 So You Want A Hawaii Medical Cannabis "329" Card?

(I have reposted the DOH guidelines, added clarifications below, and outlined the most common errors being made through this link)

Be sure to read this entire page as the system has changed!

My medical license number (Dr David Barton) is found here:( (if the system does not take the information or you get an error message, clear your browser's cache and reboot the browser.)


 When contacting me: Please read before calling or writing me.


For the most current Oahu office Clinic Hours and Costs: Preparing for your office visit. 

Let's be very clear, in case the new system is confusing. You cannot submit an online application with any errors. It will be rejected by DOH and you will be asked by the DOH through email to fix it. Patients must submit an online application with a valid email and telephone number. If your online registration application is not certified by the doctor, you will never get your 329 medical cannabis card, and you will not be legal, no matter how many times you tell me you paid the state fee. See their website for why you paid their state fee without the guarantee of a card to be certified and issued.


In order to be certified and to complete your license registration, you must be seen in the clinic by Dr Barton, whether it is for a renewal or a new license. Patients with health issues, whose disability affects their traveling abilities, and non-Oahu patients need to contact me directly.  The current waiting period for cards after being seen in the clinic, using the online process without any registration errors is 3 to 4 weeks with some patients getting their cards within a week now.


Please Follow Directions Carefully

PLEASE NOTE: Urgent: The majority of patients are finding that the state's new process for obtaining a medical cannabis card is a bit overwhelming, and too many errors are being made.  The system does not allow us to fix any of your errors. I am NOT able to edit your online forms. I am returning too many applications due to errors and deficiencies, which is NOT sustainable because of the time requirements.  Going forward, I can no longer respond to all the emails and texts asking how to fill out the online registration.  You may be subject to the higher fee schedules as posted under fees, if there are errors and deficiencies. All I can say is follow the directions. Please follow the directions on this site as well as the Dept. of Health's website.


I have reposted the DOH guidelines, added clarifcations, and outlined the most common errors being made through this link:   My medical license number is found here:( 

Changes to Application Process

  The application process of the DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH (DOH) has changed completely as of December 2015. In the past, one reason physicians avoided becoming involved with the program was the huge application burden placed on the medical staff offices. Now, the DOH seems to have made this registration process much harder, and it does require some internet and computer expertice.  If you are having trouble with the new system, please find someone to help you. Our office can help with small issues only.  I do not see how any sane doctor would want to become involved if they did not believe in the use of cannabis as a medicine.

  The online registration does cut down on multiple points of US Postal Service mailings (and expense) that delay and add several weeks to the issuance of cards.  It decreases the delay of returned paper applications due to errors, as well! However, this new method does require a significant amount of time and effort on your part, and still has not resulted in the timely issuance of cards. Three weeks is still too long for cancer patients. The application errors are still being made, but sooner in the process. It is the patient's responsibility to not make errors. We are hoping that this will change. Ultimately, the registration process is between the DOH and the patient. Please review the following link: 

It is all online and there are no more paper applications. There are no more money orders to the state. You will need to do the online portion from home (see below) before coming to the office to be certified. All patients still need to be seen in the office for the medical visit in order to receive the certifiction and my signature on your state application, as required by the law.  The NEW DOH process requires that the physician "sign" the online certification form using a digital signature. We still have our own medical forms and consents that need to be signed every year. The cards are mailed directly to the patient's mailing address by the DOH. We have reduced the office renewal fee to $150 for all patients successfully using the new process from home without our assistance. 

Applying online requires a significant amount of time and effort on your part. If you arrive at the office not having completed it, expecting the office staff to do it for you, then there is a very good chance that you will not be able to be seen, and will need to return once it is completed at home. It is just too disruptive to the clinic. This is especially true if you made no effort.

You may inquire if the office staff is able to help, but we make no guarantee.  The following fees will be collected 

The office fee for having the staff do the entire applcation is $250. This requires making the state accounts, with username and passwords, filling in the multiple online pages, printing, scanning, and making the appropriate files to be uploaded, and uploading them, followed by the submission of your credit card information to pay the state. 

The office fee for applications that require assistance to print, scan and upload the government issued ID/DL/Passport and cetificates is $225.

The office fee for uploading your ID file only is $200.

I will be blunt: My goal is for everyone to do the online process at home, pay only the office renewal fee of $150, and not depend on the office staff. I can no longer respond to all the emails and texts asking how to fill out the online registration. 




    • Schedule a follow-up appointment with your physician to be certified or re-certified (i.e. annual renewals)
    • Go to and create a “free” secure account.  Be sure to remember your username and password so you can check on the status of your application!
    • Go to and login (click here for an Instructions OVERVIEWvideo of the application process).  Although you can create your “free” account now, you will not be able to submit an application to your physician until after the system is launched (on or after December 1, 2015).
    • Fill out the online application and upload any required documents (i.e. clear copy of your valid ID).  Click here for DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS on how to complete the online application.
    • Pay – the cost is $38.50 ($35 application fee + $3.50 portal administration fee); you must pay with a credit/debit card or direct withdrawal from a savings or checking account. All fees are non-refundable, even if a card is NOT issued. Applications that utilize direct withdrawals from savings or checking accounts will not be processed until a minimum of 10 business days from date debit (to be sure it clears your account). Applications that utilize credit/debit card payment will have the shortest turnaround time.
    • Submit your application to your physician.
    • Once your physician certifies your condition and submits your application to DOH, your application will be in queue for processing. Patients can NOT submit their application directly to DOH.  
  • DOH will review the items submitted and issue the 329 card for complete applications in the order received.  All 329 cards will be mailed directly to the patient.  Patients are responsible for ensuring that their caregiver gets the caregiver 329 card.

Department of Health Application Online




PTSD Approved for Cannabis License

PTSD has been recently approved by the DOH to qualify patients for a cannabis license, to accommodate all the military vets with service connected injuries, and combat related conditions.

No Need For a Second Physician

You DO NOT need to have a second physician sign your application. I am your primary care physician as far as your cannabinoid therapy is concerned.


When visiting the Waimanalo office, the village requests that you park outside the gate on the left side to allow the locals access as you wait for the gate to open. Past the gate, drive very slowly to the office. Please be courteous to others, cooperative, and non-aggressive.