Hawaii Marijuana License―Blue Cards

Hawaii Marijuana License - Blue Cards



What are Blue Cards?

The Blue Card is a license that allows you to legally use medicinal marijuana in Hawaii.  This is the ONLY acceptable legal document recognized in Hawaii, on each and every island.

What exactly does the Blue Card allow me to do?

A Blue Card allows you to grow up to 7 marijuana plants―with 3 mature plants at any one time―for personal use only.  You will be allowed to possess up to 3 ounces of dry material, for personal use only.  The Blue Card does not give you the right to overgrow or possess more than 3 ounces of dry material.  It also does not give you the right to distribute marijuana.  

How do I get a Blue Card?

Make an appointment at our clinic.  You will fill out required paperwork, present your valid ID and be evaluated by the physician.  If you qualify under the laws of the State of Hawaii, Dr. Barton will fill out the physician’s portion of the required paperwork.  Our clinic will send the paperwork out to be processed.  Unless you choose to pick up the Blue Card from our office, we will mail the Blue Card to the address you provided.  

Who can get a Blue Card?

Blue Cards are for residents of Hawaii.  Remember, the Blue Card is for disabling medical conditions. You must have a legitimate history of this severe medical condition, backed by a reliable medical history.  Many State Judges are now requiring a legitimate Medical Physician Statement to back up the Blue Card in any legal issue.

How long are Blue Cards valid?

All cards are good for one year.  The transfer of programs over to the Department of Health does not affect the validity of your current, unexpired Blue Card.  

Why haven’t I received my card?

If you have not received your card, then it most likely means that there was a problem in processing your card because of an application error or address problem.  Please keep us up to date with accurate addresses as this is significant issue in the processing of cards.  We will call the state to check on card status only after two months from the time the application was completed and received by our clinic.

When should I come into the office to start the renewal process?

All renewals should now plan on being seen in the clinic two months ahead of the expiration date.

Who at the clinic handles the processing of Blue cards?

All applications, cards, and other processing issues are handled by our very competent staff, who process the applications and mail the Blue Cards out as quickly as possible. They are based in my Waimanalo office. Your charts are based in the Waimanalo office in a secured fashion according to HIPAA guidelines.

How long does it take to get a Blue Card?

Cards are taking about a month now, and sometimes less.  However, I would recommend any renewals needed this year and through January 2015 do so by early December 2014 to avoid any government changeover issues and possible delays. 

How can I get answers to my questions about the Blue Card and my application status?

Please email us with questions about card and application status. You must be a resident of Hawaii with either ID, Driver's License, or US Passport to get a "Blue Card." Out of state residents have NO legal protection in Hawaii. The law allows those Hawaiians with "Blue Cards" to grow seven plants only, and possess up to three ounces at any one time. If you are caught either overgrowing or over possessing, you have NO PROTECTION.  Furthermore, you may get your card revoked and never be able to get another again in your whole life!


When does the Department of Health changeover take place?

Starting January 2nd, 2015, the Department of Health is taking over management of the Medical Cannabis Program. I "hear" that there will be a whole new group of state workers doing the Blue Cards through the Department of Health starting January 2nd, 2015.