Getting a Hawaii Medical Cannabis Card

So You Want A Hawaii Medical Cannabis "329" Card?

(I have reposted the DOH guidelines, added clarifications below, and outlined the most common errors being made through this link) 

Be sure to read this entire page as the system has changed!

The process for renewals is the same as for new patients. Every year it is the very same process.

My medical license number (Dr David Barton) is found here:( (if the system does not take the information or you get an error message, clear your browser's cache and reboot the browser.)


 When contacting me: Please read before calling or writing me.


For the most current Oahu office Clinic Hours and Costs: Preparing for your office visit. 

Let's be very clear, in case the new system is confusing. You cannot submit an online application with any errors. It will be rejected by DOH and you will be asked by DOH email to fix it. Patients must submit an online application with a valid email and telephone number. If your online registration application is not certified by the doctor, you will never get your 329 medical cannabis card, and you will not be legal, no matter how many times you tell me you paid the state fee. See their website for why you paid their state fee without the guarantee of a card to be certified and issued.


In order to be certified and to complete your license registration, you must be seen in the clinic by Dr Barton, whether it is for a renewal or a new license. Patients with health issues, whose disability affects their traveling abilities, and non-Oahu patients need to contact me directly.  The current waiting period for cards after being seen in the clinic, using the online process without any registration errors is 3 to 4 weeks with some patients getting their cards within a week now.